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Using This Site for booking Rental car services implies that you are making the booking with the name of the Car rent Provider provided on the booking page as Our Website is only a user interface. Therefore, We are not responsible for Car Rental Product or the booking because We are not involved in the creation of the Rental Product as well as the fees or price stated, or in the provision of the Rent a Car Products you booked. If any disputes or issues arise with the Car rental Product and/or your booking, you agree to resolve and handle the issues with the Rent a Car organization and not with us.


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This Site or Trips may be used and you may register as a user if you are of eligible age and can be bound under contracts. If you register as a user or book and Trips account is created, you reserve the responsibility to ensure your login details, including your account information and passwords are kept secret. You retain the responsibility for the use of This Site, including anyone using the Site with your account information (with or without your consent) as well as anyone who accesses your booking details. All information provided by you must be up-to-date and accurate. If you have any change in information, you have to update your account immediately. If you feel your account is not secure anymore (especially in the event of an unauthorized access, theft, loss, or use of your mobile device or computer or information used in accessing This Site), you should change your affected Personal Details immediately. If you want any of your personal details or other communications sent directly to you via your mobile device, you agree to inform us and update your present contact number, while updating your mobile app to the latest updates, as well as for any possible incurred changes when such messages were received. We will not take responsibility for sending a message to your strange device. If you activate any service or install any software, especially those storing information from This Site on any computer or mobile device, you are responsible, to dispose or transfer such device or eliminate your information or ensure access to that service or software is disabled so as to ensure unauthorized access is prevented to your account or personal information. This Site is only available for searching any available car for rent; This Site may not be used to make any fraudulent, speculative, or false reservation to anticipate for demand. When This Site is being used, you agree to submit to applicable UAE laws as well as your home country laws, including regulations applicable to technical data exportation.

You agree not to also:

Disable, circumvent, or meddle with Our Website’s security-related features or related features of This Website or the different features preventing or limiting the copying or use of our content or enforce restrictions on Our Website use or the Website content; Provide deceptive or false information; Disparage anyone publicly or any User Content; Impersonate any entity or person, or otherwise ensure Your affiliation is misrepresented with an entity or person; Deliberately or indeliberately encourage or violate others to breach any related statute, law, regulation or ordinance; Request for personal information from anyone; Add, delete or otherwise make changes to User Content of people; Post or publish threats of violence, or encourage or promote others to engage in illegal or violent activity Alter or remove any copyright or related proprietary notices on or associated with the Website content.


We respect others’ intellectual property rights and we ensure users are prohibited from posting, uploading, or otherwise transmitting on This Website or otherwise through Trips with any materials that breach the intellectual property rights of others. If you observe any violation against your copyright or trademark rights, please let us know using the address provided in Section.


All the services and contents provided on This Website is provided on an ‘as-is’ basis and also availability basis. We use an automated system to generate our content; errors are possible. Irrespective of our numerous search results, we are still not comprehensive and all the available providers and offers are not displayed. Thus, we avoid displaying the least available price. KAYAK specifically disclaims – to the best permissible means – the entire warranties of all kinds, whether implied or expressed, including but without limitation to, fitness for a specific purpose, any implied warranties of merchantability, title, accuracy and security as well as non-infringement, and every other warranty that emerges by the use of trade, course of performance, or course of dealing.


We, (including our directors, shareholders, officers, affiliates, providers, and representatives), hereby specifically, to the extent permitted by the law, exclude any liability and responsibility for any damages or loss to, or even viruses that can infect, any of your computer equipment or related property due to the access gained on This Website, your use of Bookings or downloading any content from This Website or (b) any loss; claim; injury; delay; act of god; or any unique, direct, punitive, exemplary, consequential or incidental damages of any type (including, but without limitation to – lost savings or lost profits), even on the basis of tort, contract, liability, strict liability or otherwise, arising from or is in connection with: (i) the use of our content, Trips or Our Website; (ii) any delay or failure (which include, but without limitation to the use of or the inability to make use of any material on Our Website for booking or reservations); or (iii) the activeness or non-activeness by us or any Car renter Provider, irrespective of being informed of the damage to such parties or other parties. This liability limitation is not permitted in some countries or states, thus, the limitations may not be applicable or applicable just partly to you.


With respect to these Terms, you agree to indemnify, hold us, defend, each of our directors, officers, agents, and employees harmless from and against any cause of action, claim, expense, liability, demand or loss, which include, but without limitation – reasonable accounting and legal fees, emerging from, or in any way associated with your violation of these agreements or the Terms made aspect of these Terms by reference, your violation of any applicable law, as well as your access or to This Website, the Intellectual Property, or Trips.


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Reservation cancelation 7 days or more before the trip, 100% of the rental price will be refunded. Reservation cancelation 3-7 days before the trip, 90% of the rental price will be refunded. Reservation cancelation 1-3 days before the trip, 50% of the rental price will be refunded. Reservation cancelation less than 24 hours before the trip, he returns 0% of the rental price.


We are always pleased to read your questions and comments on Our Websites, although we may be unable to respond to them all. Kindly be informed that we reserve no responsibility to review unsolicited ideas associated with our business (such as advertising or product ideas) and no liability will be incurred due to any similarities that exist between the materials and the ideas that should probably be seen in future GTR Luxury services or products. Additionally, please do not forget that you take responsibility for any material submitted by you, which include its originality, copyright and reliability. Additionally, when you submit Feedback, you grant us the perpetual, transferable, irrevocable, fully-paid, non-exclusive global license (alongside the right to freely sublicense) to duplicate, modify, use, publicly display, perform, translate, reformat, republish, syndicate, excerpt (partially or wholly) as well as distribute Feedback you submit for any purpose such as commercial, advertising, business, marketing, or otherwise.


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