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Устали забивать в строку поиска «арендовать автомобиль поблизости»? Тогда остановитесь. Вы уже нашли. Известная в Дубае компания по прокату автомобилей под названием GTR Luxury предлагает широкий ассортимент самых разнообразных автомобилей в аренду. В нашем автопарке есть из чего выбрать - более 500 единиц авто предлагает вам наша компания по прокату автомобилей, заслужившая доверие сотен клиентов в ОАЭ. Турист, просто ищущий выгодные условия проката автомобилей на время своей поездки, или гражданин ОАЭ, подыскивающий варианты долгосрочной аренды - мы поможем любому клиенту, предлагая лучшие автомобили по самым доступным ценам, нижний порог цены за суточную аренду начинается с 30 дирхамов.

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Latest Car Rentals in Dubai

Choose among vehicles with popular driving features and high mileage, and get the best rate on a car rental. Special discounts on car rentals, updated periodically!

Sports & Super Cars for Rent in Dubai

Enjoy your trip! Make the most of your first car rental experience by choosing one of the leading manufacturers' Sports models, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Dodge, among others.

Luxury Cars for Rent in Dubai

Enjoy your trip! Make the most of your first car rental experience by choosing one of the leading manufacturers' luxurious models, including Rolls Royce, BMW, and Land Rover, among others.

Unique & SUV Cars for Rent in Dubai

Enjoy your trip! Make the most of your first car rental experience by choosing one of the leading manufacturers' SUV models, including Range Rover, JEEP, and Mercedes, among others.

GTR Luxury rentals is your go to place for exotic cars В Дубаи and other Emirates. We pride ourselves in providing luxury car rental В Дубаи at the most affordable prices. You can compare our prices with our competitors to find that we have the lowest rates for exotic car rental В Дубаи .
The vehicles in our roster are of premium quality and well-maintained by top-class mechanics. You will never face any mechanical issues with Nissan GTR rental or any other luxury car.
We have vehicles from all the famous and leading brands of the world. On top of that, we have the latest model cars that are highly requested luxury cars for rent В Дубаи

Why You Need Luxury Car Rental В Дубаи ?

Dubai is a city full of glamour, where every person is looking to make a lasting impact. There’s no better way to do that than to look for a luxury Арендовать car Dubai. The Экстерьер and interior of these vehicles is out of this world. The overall feel of the car is nothing other than extraordinary. You can feel that too if you Арендовать luxury car В Дубаи .

Monthly Car Rental

The best thing about GTR Luxury rentals is that we offer monthly rental offers on a wide range of our rental vehicles. You can avail exciting offers to book the car of your dreams and drive it for a full month. We do not apply any hidden charges or ask exorbitant amounts of money.
Our monthly rentals start from 3000 AED. That’s as low as one can go to get their hands on a cheap car rental Dubai. If you instead want a car on a daily basis, we can arrange that as well. On top of that, if you just want to enjoy the fruits of an exotic car rental Dubai, why not rent for a few hours?
All of that is possible at GTR Luxury Rentals in a few simple steps.

Why Rent Monthly?

Why should you rent monthly when you can buy a car from a dealership? Well, there are certain benefits to rent luxury car В Дубаи .

  • • First and foremost, if you are В Дубаи for only a few days in a year, where are you going to store your car? Storage facilities are expensive and keeping a car idle for too long can affect its physical condition. Also, you can’t travel everywhere on public transport, especially on those oh so important meetings. The simple way out is to rent luxury car В Дубаи and make your life easy.
  • • Why look to Арендовать luxury car Dubai when you can use the taxi service or hop on the bus? Well, the simple answer to that is traffic. If you want to navigate through traffic with ease and reach your destination on time, look for luxury car hire Dubai.
  • • A monthly rental package allows you to take advantage of even better prices. A hefty discount is all you need before getting luxury car rental Dubai. You get your favorite vehicle, for a full month to show off to others in the luxurious city.
  • • This option is generally more affordable than owning a new vehicle. So, there are only benefits to rent luxury car Dubai.

Dubai Luxury Car Rental Требования

There are several Требования you need to fulfill that make you eligible for exotic car rental Dubai. We will discuss them here so you can seamlessly book your car through our website:

For UAE Residents –

  • • Valid UAE Driving License
  • • Emirates ID
  • • Residential Visa in case the above is not available

For Foreigners –

  • • Passport
  • • Valid Visit Visa
  • • Home Country Driving License
  • • International Driving Permit (IDP)

Note: Visitors from the GCC, US, UK, Canada, Europe and certain other countries can drive with their home country driving license, without the need of an IDP.

Luxury Car Leasing Dubai

It has never been more easy leasing a car В Дубаи than it is now. But do you want to go down that road? GTR Luxury car rentals gives its customers the choice to Арендовать ny exotic and luxury vehicle. You don’t have to lease a new one or involve yourself in legal matters. Simply, pay a deposit fee, choose the car you like, decide on a hourly, daily or monthly plan - and start driving!

Our Location

Looking for the best car rental service in UAE? Look no further than GTR Luxury rentals. We have all the latest cars that you desire. Our specialty lies in our ability to deliver your dream car to your preferred location.
All you have to do is request a car through our online platform. We will drop the car at your location in a matter of minutes. No more waiting and no more visiting offices.

Luxury Car hire with Driver В Дубаи

If you are not the adventurous kind and only want to get from point A to point B without dealing with traffic, you have come to the right place. At GTR Luxury rentals you can request a Прокат элитных автомобилей в Дубае с водителем. No more getting frustrated stuck in traffic jams.
Relax in the backseat of your Dubai luxury car rental that you love and continue working.

Economy Car Rental Dubai

If you don’t want to Арендовать luxury car Dubai, you can always go with a sports car hire Dubai, cheap luxury car rental Dubai, or any other alternative. Usually, people look for economy cars for everyday driving, because luxury car rental Dubai price is too high for them. There is no need to worry for such folks, you can skip booking a luxury Арендовать car Dubai, or a supercar rental Dubai.

24/7 Expert Team Support

Our courteous staff is always ready to provide assistance. All you have to do is call on one of our numbers and someone will get back to you instantly. Our support operations are 24/7, meaning you don’t have to worry at any time of the day. If there is an issue, our help desk will solve the problem for you, so you can enjoy your stay peacefully.

Our Commitment

At GTR Luxury Rentals we make sure you get the car you want the fastest and most affordable way possible. Getting a luxury car В Дубаи shouldn’t be a problem for anybody, and that is something we are trying to change. So, if you are looking for sports car rental Dubai, or luxury car hire Dubai, then GTR Luxury is your place to be.
Follow the simple steps on our website to find your favorite vehicle and book it instantaneously.

Driver Service

Apart from cheap car rental services, you can also book verified car drivers for short or long term. Whether you need an airport transfer service or a premium chauffeur for any luxury car, we have got it all covered. Explore the listings by professional chauffeur service companies В Дубаи .

Find the best car rental company for you

  • gtrluxury.com/ru is the first-ever global car rental and leasing marketplace. We work with 150+ local car rental companies В Дубаи . You can choose among their 1500+ verified cars to find the best rental car for you.
  • Find cheap car rental deals and discounts for all types of cars: be it for personal or business use. Access competitive, commission-free car rental service in Dubai , Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman.
  • Our car rental partners’ fleet include every car you’ve ever dreamed of. From high-end supercar rentals such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce to luxury SUVs Range Rover, Mercedes Benz and even economy cars such as Kia Picanto, Nissan Sunny and Renault Duster
Leading Car Rental & Leasing Marketplace Dubai, UAE

Find Cheap Car Rental Deals and Discounts - Updated Daily!

Only via GTR Luxury can you be certain to locate the most affordable rental car В Дубаи . Check out the most luxurious and exotic sports and luxury vehicles available for rental. The best prices are guaranteed when you book any of the cars directly with our listed Cars! There are no markups, booking fees, or commissions.
rent car  В Дубаи Арендовать Car across the UAE

You can select from 50,000 vehicles, including all automobile kinds, brands, and models accessible in the UAE, for as little as AED 30 per day when renting a car В Дубаи . A Kia Picanto starts at AED 85 per day, and you can Арендовать Lamborghini Urus for AED 3000 per day or a Rolls-Royce Cullinan for AED 4000 per day.

rent car  В Дубаи Luxury and Sports Car Rentals

Self-drive the car of your dreams today! Choose among a range of renowned brands: Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Range Rover, Porsche, McLaren, Maserati, Tesla, BMW, Audi, and more. Our most in-demand sports cars include Audi R8 , Lamborghini Aventador , Ferrari F8, Chevrolet Corvette and BMW X6

Арендовать автомобиль в Дубае Chauffeur Service Dubai

Travel the UAE in the comfort of our range of executive and luxury cars. Driven by professional chauffeurs, hire our private taxi service in the Emirates at the lowest, all-inclusive rates. Our English-speaking drivers are professional, uniformed and always punctual. Service fit for the kings!

Необходимые документы for Car Rental in the UAE

If you're considering a trip to the UAE, you'll notice that all of the key sites are spread apart. The best method to travel around, from distinctive retail centers like the Mall of The Emirates, well-known sites like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, to gorgeous hotels and resorts situated in Ras Al Khaimah, is by automobile. If you have the following documentation in your possession in order to Арендовать car across the emirates:

For UAE Residents
Mitsubishi Lancer Dubai Tourist
  • UAE Driving License
  • Emirates ID
    (Residential Visa may be acceptable)
For Tourists visiting the UAE
Gtr Luxury Car Rental
  • Passport
  • Visit Visa
  • Home Country Driving License
  • International Driving Permit (IDP)
Visitors from the GCC, US, UK, Canada, Europe and certain other countries can drive with their home country driving license,without the need of an IDP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you need a car rental for a weekend road trip or frequent work visits, having one nearby will help you avoid any problems with transportation you could encounter in the Emirates. At GTR Luxury Car Rental, we give our clients the option to select from more than 500 different cars, and we also offer free pick-up and drop-off services. As soon as they exit the airport, clients can rent themselves a car from GTR Luxury Car Rental. Here are a few of the main justifications why clients choose us as their car rental companies В Дубаи .

Whether you're coming to the UAE for a vacation or you are living here permanently, renting a car gives you the flexibility and convenience you require. The only way to properly experience Dubai's first-rate infrastructure is in a car. You can Арендовать car and even have it delivered to your location, depending on your needs, preferences, and financial position.

The type, model, and duration of the rental all affect the cost of automobile rental В Дубаи . However, prices can vary widely, from AED 1500 per month for a cheap car like Hyundai Accent or Nissan Sunny to AED 3500 per day for high-end sports cars.

View GTR Luxury's current offers on car rentals. Any of the mentioned car rental companies can be reached by calling or sending a WhatsApp message. Offer the car you require. Display your papers
Depending on how long the rental is, determine the cost. Typically, you can arrange for delivery whenever it best suits you. It really is that simple!

Your Additional cost may also include Salik (tolls), fuel, and independent parking, depending on your usage. The delivery and pickup of a rental car may incur an extra cost.

In the UAE, you must be at least 21 years old to Арендовать car. However, everything depends on the car rental company you pick. Some car rental companies require consumers to be at least 23 years old, while others let customers Арендовать car as early as 18.

  • Much faster and less expensive than taking public transportation
  • Cost-effective because you avoid paying the increasing insurance and registration fees
  • As wonderful as your own car, but without the worry of maintenance
  • Monthly rates are significantly less expensive than day-to-day rental.
  • each month's option to upgrade or downgrade

View monthly rental car deals  
Similarly, you might think about booking a weekly car rental.

Unlike other websites, GTR Luxury provides a service without any payments. No markups, commissions, or booking fees are paid to us by you. Contacting, booking, and paying the car rental business directly couldn't be easier!

In the event of RTA fines, car damage (if not covered by insurance), and vehicle theft, the car rental company requires a refundable Залоговый депозит. The money is held for up to 25 days because RTA and police fine reports might occasionally be delayed.

Yes, GTR Luxury car rental company accept payments for the Залоговый депозит and the rental of the vehicle with cash, debit cards, or a combination of the two. However, a Залоговый депозит for a credit card is instantly returned by the bank after 21 days

Only the renter may operate the rented vehicle because only his name appears on the insurance coverage. However, the insurance policy can be amended to include an extra driver who intends to use the same car. There can be extra charges if you don't do this at the beginning of your rental.

For a fixed fee of AED 80, Safe Driver Service will drive you around Dubai in your car. If you'd prefer a car with a driver, check out our Chauffeur Service instead. Options for Chauffeur Service for you. In the UAE, service is provided 24x7.

Please verify with the car rental company if your license is less than six months old because the criteria changes depending on the insurance coverage of the particular vehicle. Some are only available to drivers with older licenses, while others are only available to those with newer licenses and need a greater Залоговый депозит, less insurance coverage, and higher excess fees.
A valid driver's license that is more than six months old is required to Арендовать ny vehicle.

The cheapest monthly car rental options on GTR Luxury start at AED 1390. The costs are reduced to AED 1190 per month by special seasonal offers, although they are difficult to find and may have additional fees. This is mostly due to the fact that a licensed automobile rental firm cannot offer a car at a lower price.
It sounds too good to be true if you're renting a car for an astounding AED 500 per month. Due to the fact that you will be paying a Залоговый депозит of around AED 1000, which is repaid 30 days after you return the vehicle, please exercise caution when considering such deals and the automobile rental firms you intend to work with.

Important tips for car rent В Дубаи

  • Choose a company that’s located near you or one that offers ‘fast delivery’ in your location if you need the car with pick-up and delivery service.
  • At the time of pick up, check for existing dents and scratches. Best to shoot a video circling the car and take close-up pictures of existing damages, if any. Share them with the service provider instantly to avoid any misunderstandings that may arise later.
  • Always best to provide the Залоговый депозит by credit card as a pre-authorization block, which automatically releases after 20-30 days from the end date of your rental.
  • Please be sure to sign the car rental agreement issued under the same company name as advertised on GTR Luxury.
  • Incase of any issue with the selected car rental company, you may contact the GTR Luxury Team with proof of booking and other details.

Find car rental cheap deals and discounts

  • Renting a car online is always the ideal way to find a cheap Арендовать автомобиль в Дубае . However, be sure to check if you’re dealing with the actual car rental supplier or an agent. Your cost from the direct supplier would naturally be cheaper whereas rental rates offered by agents would be higher as they include a commission.
  • Through GTR Luxury, you’re sure to find the cheapest car rentals near you in an easy and comprehensive way. You can browse live car rental offers from multiple car rental service providers and decide to go ahead with the one offering the best deal to you.

Top benefits for car rental with a driver В Дубаи

There are a multitude of advantages of hiring a car and driver in the Emirates, the top three include:

  • Sit back and relax

    Let our professional chauffeur drive you and worry about the traffic. They know the best routes to make your journeys comfortable.
  • Pre-decided rates

    Our prices are transpa Арендовать nd fixed with you beforehand. They are all-inclusive of the no. of hours booked within the city limits.
  • Top class concierge

    GTR Luxury connects you to only the most reputed and dependable chauffeur service companies based in the UAE.